How Baby Coyote Learned to Howel

by The Patchwork Players Story Theatre

James Nelson.Lucas and Patti Christensen

Illustrations by Jezreel Lope

Patchwork Players Press VXMMX

Patchwork Players Press VXMMX


It all started when...

Every year, coyotes from all over, the mountains, seaside, and cities, gather in the desert for their annual coyote convention. They always have a contest at their gatherings to see who is the best coyote at ... running, eating, dancing? One year they decide to have a howling contest. Coyotes love to howl at the moon. The coyotes, old and young, begin to practice howling, each one having their own style. Everyone thinks they have what it takes to win.

Everyone except for the Baby Coyote. He doesn't know how to howl, he can't play with the others. So Baby Coyote just sits, and cries all alone. His friends call Grandma Coyote to help him out. Grandma Coyote sees Baby Coyote is heartbroken that he cannot howl. So she sends him on a quest through the mesas, arroyos, and cacti of the dessert to help him learn how to howl. With her wisdom and guidance, and some determination, Baby Coyote learns how to howl and wins first prize in the howling contest. The proudest moment of Baby Coyote's life.

This modern South-Western fable, told by the Patchwork Players, James Nelson-Lucas & Patti Christensen, is an encouraging story for everyone who has felt like, "I don't know how and no one will help me!"

Travel with Baby Coyote as he learns that, with a little encouragement, and some hard work; yes, you can! The playful and entertaining illustrations by Jezreel Lopez that bring the story of Baby Coyote to life, delight and engage pre-readers, older children, and adults alike. The Patchwork Players have told this story to thousands of children, and always send them howling into the night.

Reviews for Baby Coyote

5.0 out of 5 stars  A Engaging Book for Little Ones
A good book for anyone who has little ones! Using a story that the authors created from a tale shared by "an old desert grandfather" after a performance, they have created a book with accessible, child-friendly pictures. Moving along a fresh pace, this book invites the reader to experience both the frustration and surprise of Baby Coyote as he learns a new skill. We especially like the interaction between the Grandmother and the Baby. It presents a very normal way that adults interact with children and makes for believable character development. As a bonus, Patti and James present a series of discussion questions at the end of the book. Use these to help your child think more about the story and how they might apply it to their own life. With this book, you are going to get many requests to "Read this one again!"
Sean Buvala, Storyteller and Author

5.0 out of 5 stars  
Great blend of meaning and humor
What a delightful and well written book. The story is well developed and explores the roles between elders and children. This is a great story to read to children, again and again because it was written for the spoken word. It is also a great story for children to engage in, both by taking part in the reading and by informally performing it. There is a dynamic diversity of emotions that mirror the feeling of every child, then after the story has been shared there are discussion questions that can be used in a school or home setting, or even in therapy sessions. Classroom conversations can range from bullying, to the value of discovery, practice, participation and the mastering of life skills. This is a story that children will want to visit frequently, and share with family and friends.
Hank Bruce, Writer, horticultural therapist at Petals & Pages Press

5.0 out of 5 starsMy Girls love it!!
Just recieved this book and couldn't wait to read it to my girls. My two younger daughters just love it! (7&9 yrs) My 14 year old liked it as well. I think it is well written, great illustrations, and an engaging story. Would love to see more from the same team of writers and illustrator.
Electra Hale, Curator at Miss Electra's Curios